Digital Marketing Strategy


A well thought through digital marketing strategy creates opportunities to make well-founded decisions, strengthen results, and streamline operational efforts – with the aim of creating growth. Competitiveness increases significantly by aligning the digital marketing strategy with the company-wide strategy and tactical marketing activities.

Ingager has extensive experience working with founders of businesses, management teams, and decision-makers. Our deep understanding of external factors and new trends linked to digital marketing and strategy allows Ingager to offer everything from a review of current digital marketing setup to creating and implementing new strategies for digital marketing.

All projects and assignments are tailored to customers specific needs, regardless of whether it is about translating corporate strategy into a concrete digital marketing strategy or developing specific digital marketing strategies for e.g., geographical expansion or launch of new products/services.

Ingager’s combination of strategic competence and digital marketing expertise enables us to work all the way from overall strategy perspectives to operational implementation and ongoing operations of customers’ digital marketing activities.

Ingager has vast experience of creating growth via digital marketing. Having completed strategic projects for some of the world’s leading brands, we know what works in practice and thus which strategies that have true business impact.

Digital marketing is in constant development. New behavioral patterns arise, technical opportunities are enabled, and customer journeys are taking new directions. To be part of the digital marketing world has never offered so many opportunities, but making the right long-term decisions has at the same time never been more challenging and complex. Ingager is always ready to support.


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