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Ingager’s production team has over 11 years of experience in producing eye-catching material that is tailored to the platform it is to be distributed on. We do everything from large productions for TV, to smaller productions for TikTok where we record with a phone.

We are with you from start to the finish line. Our experienced in-house team can help you come up with an idea and concept, and then ensure that the idea becomes reality in the form of a production.

Ingager’s production team consists of experienced producers, photographers and a range of specialists in post-production, everything from 3D graphics to colorists.

The scope of the service

  • Development of idea and concept
  • Production management, casting, location scouting
  • A full-scale production team during the shoot
  • Post production by a team of specialists

What can we produce?

  • Video and still images tailored for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Display, Programmatic
  • TV advertising, DOOH and OOH
  • Graphic productions, 3D production and illustration¨
  • Sound and voice over

Other services