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What did we do before Instagram was introduced into our lives?
It’s a relevant question due to the fact that many of us spend plenty of time in the app today and most brands also want to be a part of the image-sharing service. Instagram is a platform that has been in transformation since day one, today is it a very different service compared to the yearly days. Over one billion users are active on the app which is an astonishing number.

Brands that consider using Instagram for marketing might be afraid to enter, assuming that the platform is crowd. There is no need to be afraid, if you create great content and place your ads in a smart way are there plenty of opportunities.


Lead Ads is a result of the amount of time the average person spends on his or her mobile device and the fact that users don’t want to visit your website while scrolling Instagram or Facebook.

The solution to these barriers is an ad format that allows the advertiser chose targeting options, create a lead and the acquire all sorts of information from potential consumers or users anywhere in the funnel.


The app industry is a two-folded story, users love apps and time spent in apps is high. The challenge is that users tend to use a few apps at a very high frequency while the rest of their apps are left untouched. This creates a ”win- ner takes it all” situation where it is crucial to get the right users to download your app.

Using intelligent ways to market your app increases the likelihood that you attract relevant users and enables you to communicate with users to make sure that they come back to your app, over and over.


In business, relationships are every- thing. And every relationship starts with a conversation. This has been true since the dawn of commerce. But today, people and businesses are increasingly connecting through a powerful, personal new medium: messaging.

Welcome to the future of consumer communication” has for many years been a phrase used by supporters of the chatbot movement. In theory has chatbots been a no-brainer, mes- saging apps are popular among most users so there ought to be a place for chatbots in the market. The rev- olution didn’t take off as planed two years ago but since we live in a world that always changes can now be the right time to re evaluate Messenger and chatbots.


It is no secret that e-commerce is growing across industries and various markets. This present new opportunities for agile business at the same time is the rise of e-commerce a big headache for many.

Successful e-commerce requires the adaptation of a new mindset and the ability to act accordingly to rapid changes when it comes to consumer behavior and other parameters.One great way to approach international e-commerce is by using an infrastructure that already exists – Facebook for example. Facebook has more than 2,4 billion people using the main Facebook service and over a billion people on Facebook are connected to at least one business in a foreign country, and businesses – no matter how small – are looking to grow globally.

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