Do you have a high level of ambition, but lack the internal resources to reach your full potential on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, Snapchat and Pinterest? Ingager offers a full-service solution that is adapted to the resources you have internally, to create the desired effect on brand awareness and sales.

The collaboration is based on initial strategy work and analysis based on your market strategy and current presence on the platforms. After the analysis has been completed, management of your presence on the selected platforms begins. This includes a management service for on-going planning, publishing and moderation for the organic presence. Performance marketing and content production as well as real-time reporting are also included.

  • To reach full potential on social media today, high quality content is required. Full-service customers have access to Ingager’s production department, with content specialists, digital designers and photographers specializing in social media.
  • Ingager’s performance department ensures that the right message is placed before the right target group, at the right time. Always optimized to achieve the desired effect. We are experts in creating growth and profitable sales.
  • Ingager’s branding department increases awareness of your brand and ensures that the right content reaches the right target group, upper-funnel activities are added with the aim of increasing the number of conversions in the long run.
  • The service is aimed both at companies that want to supplement their internal resources as well as companies that today completely lack resources for social media. The full-service solution gives your company access to all competencies and Ingager becomes part of your marketing department.

Scope of service:

  • Analysis of current presence on social media and of competitors
  • Strategy for advertising and organic presence on social media.
  • Technical expertise to ensure accurate tracking.
  • Ongoing management, publication and moderation of organic presence.
  • Performance marketing, including ad production.
  • Brand building advertising.
  • Content production, including video, image, graphics and technical development.
  • Conversion optimization.
  • Reporting via Ingager IQ in real time. Analysis of the impact of organic and purchased traffic on brand awareness and sales, both offline and online.
  • Regular workshops.
  • Training.

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