When you partner with Ingager, you get access to a team specialized in creating content for social media. Their experience spans most industries and all social media. The team’s focus is to produce content of high quality and large quantity, which, based on your budget and target group, creates tangible results.

With our own fully equipped studios in Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm, we create content from scratch based on data from Meta and TikTok.

Scope of service:

  • Analysis of existing content
  • Research and analysis of trends and competitors.
  • Development of content strategies and creative concepts.
  • Create and lead collaborations with influencers and partners. 

Creation of: 

  • Branding content
  • Content for performance marketing
  • Content for e-commerce


The team consists of:

  • Content Specialists
  • Content Strategists
  • Meta Specialists
  • TikTok Specialists
  • Digital Designers

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