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Ingager integrates Google Ads with your marketing to maximize reach and use your marketing budget in the most efficient way. A full-service solution, from initial analysis to on-going reporting.

The importance and challenges of keyword marketing are greater than ever before. Continuously increasing shares of companies’ marketing budgets go to Google, correlating to the increasing competition for the limited number of ad placements and cost per click.
With clearly defined objectives, proven methods and processes, and detailed reporting, Ingager’s team of Google Ads specialists create effective campaigns and growth.

With a great understanding of your business, consumer trends, integration with social media and the development of the platforms, Ingager creates competitive advantages.

Scope of Service:

  • Situation analysis and competitor analysis
  • Planning based on other marketing as well as seasonal influence
  • Integration with activities on Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn
  • On-going optimization
  • Analysis to define Life-Time Value
  • Reporting and evaluation

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