Our passion is marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Based on your needs, we offer a personal and dedicated collaboration that is based on your attribution model. We create profitable and measurable marketing throughout Europe with the help of our own proprietary technology.

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We help your customer through the entire purchasing process, from initial contact to conversion and follow-up. We ensure that your marketing via Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp is profitable 365 days a year, regardless of where the purchase occurs. Based on data, we create content that attracts your particular target group. Target groups, placements and content are optimised on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the best possible ROI. Everything we do is aimed at creating effective direct marketing that utilises all of Facebook’s and Instagram’s functions in the best possible way.

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The level of competition on Facebook and Instagram is fierce. In order to succeed with your advertising, you must have really good content. With wide-ranging experience from a large number of industries, sectors and markets, our photographers, graphic artists and developers know what creates the right attention. All content is optimised on an ongoing basis in order to maximise results. Our production team are experts at utilising channels to their full potential, while at the same time always giving the utmost consideration to the brand’s identity and graphic profile.

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Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp create and demand a lot of commitment, and sometimes help is needed to plan, manage and publish content via these channels. We offer a complete solution whereby we take care of all your needs, big and small. Everything from strategy and production to answering questions and moderating the page. We help you to create a forum where loyalty, new customer recruitment and customer relations flourish.

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These days, the Facebook platform is a well-developed technical sales channel, and a well-considered strategy is required in order to succeed. We break down your challenges by analysing data, target groups and content. Together we identify and create the best possible path for your future progress and growth, regardless of which stage you are at right now. We are available for support and optimisation on an ongoing basis

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We believe that knowledge is the key to success, and we are pleased to share our long-standing experience of what it takes to achieve results on Facebook and Instagram. All lectures and courses are customised to best suit your particular needs and to create as much value as possible. Each month we hold free-of-charge knowledge-filled lectures at our offices in Stockholm and Berlin

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Ingager IQ

Ingager IQ is the analysis tool that makes it easier to understand the results from Facebook and Instagram advertising in real-time. Ingager IQ provides you with important insights around-the-clock about your target group and how you can optimise your campaigns for even better performance. All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the EU’s new data protection rules (GDPR). Create an account and log in here.

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