Big Tech needs to get creative as it runs out of data to train its AI models. Here are some of its wildest solutions.


More is more when it comes to AI. The more data AI systems are trained on, the more powerful they will be. But as the AI arms race heats up, tech giants like Meta, Google, and OpenAI face a problem: They’re running out of data to train their models. Many leading AI systems have been trained on the vast supply of online data. But by 2026, all the high-quality data could be exhausted, according to Epoch, an AI research institute.

So major tech companies are searching for new data sources to keep their systems learning, and they’re getting creative. According to reports Meta has considered buying the publishing house Simon & Schuster to access all its offline data, aka books. Meanwhile Google are investigating if its users’ data can be leveraged to train AI, muddy waters to say the least.

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