Competition over user engagement increases on Facebook – What’s new?

News you want to use week 37.

Facebook is today an important communication channel for many brands and companies and engagement from users are one KPI to measure success. Buzzsumo has analyzed 880M post on Facebook and can see a trend with declining engagement. The biggest fall in engagement was with image posts and link posts. According to the data video posts had the smallest fall in engagement and videos now gain twice the level of engagement of other post formats on average.

There are a few possible reasons behind this drop in engagement such as:

  • Competition increases, more brands spends an increased amount on ad spend for Facebook which potentially lower the organic reach in the feed.
  • There is now more content than ever on Facebook, according to Facebook is there a potential of 1500 posts for each user to be shown in the feed. Increase of content makes it harder to actually get your organic content published.
  • Updated algorithms. Facebook has over the last year made several updates to prevent content with low quality or pure clickbaits to be published.

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