Instagram is the new evite in the US – What is new?

News you want to use week 49.

When American teens are invited to a party, it’s not via Facebook invite, or email, or even text message. Naturally, it’s through Instagram. Here’s how it works: When teenagers are planning a big party, they’ll sometimes create a new Instagram account, often with a handle that includes the date of the party, like @Nov17partyy or @SarahsBdayOctober27. The account will be set to private, and its bio will list the date of the party and sometimes the handles of the organizers.

“Everyone uses social media as a form of validation for the parties, and no one knows the address to the house until they post it an hour before it starts,” Christian Brown, a 19-year-old student, says. “That’s the best way to get people talking.”

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