Your next iPhone might be big as a tablet – What's new?

News you want to use week 32.

Apple might release a giant iPhone within soon. Large phone, i.e. favlets, have long been popular in Asia and soon we might see then in Europe. News were picked up Brazilian site iHelpBR, iOS 12 beta 5 hides code which reveals Apple’s huge 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus will be able to operate much like an iPad.

And it’s a discovery which has significant implications. To date Apple has toyed with this idea, using landscape modes for apps like Contacts and Calendar on iPhone ‘Plus’ models, but this was not extended to the 5.8-inch iPhone X – likely due to its notch. As such, the iPhone X Plus looks set to reclaim this position as a more productivity-focused device, pushing the standard iPhone X down the pecking order. 

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