How much data are we willing to share – What's new?

News you want to use week 12.

Consumers have long exchanged data for services they find valuable, like email addresses or location for free Wi-Fi and social media profiles for easier site logins, but they are starting to let platforms into their lives like never before, even going so far as to consent to vehicle tracking and access to their homes.

In September 2017, Walmart began a trial with smart home access company August Home to deliver goods inside participants’ homes—or even their refrigerators. In-home orders placed at are picked up by associates from same-day delivery company Deliv, which has a one-time pass code to enter the recipient’s home via a keyless lock. The customer receives a notification when Deliv arrives and can watch the delivery. Amazon’s competing service, Amazon Key, also taps into an indoor security camera and a smart lock, and plays out similarly to the Walmart service..

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