Sixteen pages that enable you to succeed with your advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger during Q4 2019

The last quarter of the year is the most important period of the year for many businesses. Besides Black Friday, which is now weeklong, is the shopping around Christmas a crucial period. It is a time of the year when consumers spend plenty, hence the competition over consumers awareness is extra fierce during the last months of the year.

It takes more than just a massive ad budget to be successful during this intensive period. Advertisers need to have a deep understanding of the development that consumers’ behavior has undertaken in the last few years. Consumers’ relationship to and use of digital channels has evolved fast, and the behavior differs between various markets. Ingager Insights has gathered several insights, data points, and hacks that will help you and your business to create real results over the holiday season 2019.

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Conditions, budgets, and competence will always vary between companies and industries, but there are a few macro-level suggestions that are useful for all industries and companies:

  • Prepare for Christmas early on to have everything set, once people start shopping.
  • Adapt to customer behavior 2019 – Stories are the new “strolling in the mall.”
  • Exceed the users’ digital shopping expectations.
  • People are still purchasing in-store. Digital communication makes sure that they buy your product.
  • Messaging is critical for loyalty – utilize the popularity of messaging.

The pace of development and new opportunities presented to us will only increase from here on. These new behaviors are why all of us must start preparing and adjusting now – and not later. Ad spending on social media is predicted to increase with 20 % globally during 2020, hence competition will increase. Understand the expectations and needs that your customers experience, meet their expectations, and you will be more likely to succeed.

Download a free copy of “Ingager Insights – Christmas, Black Week & January Sales” now!

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