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Facebook replaces Relevance Score with three separate metrics – Since 2015, when Facebook introduced Relevance Score, has the success of ads on Facebook been decided through one single metric, Facebook Relevance Score. The score of the ad’s quality decides the amount of people that will be exposed to the ad, which means if an ad has high quality more people will be exposed to the ad and the advertiser will therefor get lower cost per view over time. In ideal scenario would it be easy to understand how AdWords Quality Score and Facebook Relevance Score works, but it is not quite that obvious.

The value of Facebook Relevance Score is partially a result of the ad’s quality, but it also reflects the ad’s engagement rate. When the ad has been viewed over 500 times, Facebook makes an estimated forecast regarding how the ad will perform which decides the ad’s Relevance Score. The amount of likes, comments, shares etc does not decide the ads value, instead it is connected to how well Facebook thinks the ad will perform based on the ad’s objective.

Advertisers who successfully create ads leading to the objective being fulfilled are the type of advertisers that get high Relevance Scores on their ads and therefor get more exposure.

The pursuit for a high Relevance Score now seems to be over since Facebook announced they will replace the old metric with three new ones that will indicate the quality on different ads. From April 30th and onwards will the ads be reviewed by the following metrics:

  • Quality – How well is the ad’s perceived quality compared to other ads trying to reach the same target group?
  • Conversion rate – Facebook looks at how well a certain ad is expected to convert users in comparison to other ads with the same objective and the same target groups.
  • Engagement rate – Facebook estimates the expected engagement rate for a certain ad and how it performs compared to other ads shown to a specific target group.

The three metrics replacing Relevance Score will be more specific and hopefully create more relevant prognosis compared to one single metric.

There are several strategies to work with to strengthen your ads Relevance Score. Very specific target groups, making awesome ads, test everything possible and to really understand what your target audience perceive as valuable. By creating ads that are esthetically appealing with messages solving the users’ problem, you will come a long way. When you also succeed to target the right people, the ads will perform really well and results will show.


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