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In 2020 Google announced it will join Apple and Mozilla in phasing out third-party cookies in its web browser by 2023. Between them all, Google Chrome (64%), Apple Safari (19%), and Mozilla Firefox (4%) take up 87% of the global browser market.

This means that third-party cookies – which have driven the online advertising economy for the past two decades – will soon be consigned to internet history. Although it is still unclear what will follow in their tracks, we can be sure that the world’s biggest tech companies will invest heavily to secure a reliable alternative.

Apple and Mozilla have already implemented their cookie clampdown, but Google has given itself until 2023 to make the gradual transition. Without doubt, this will lead to a radical overhaul of the online economy that will impact all marketers.

This white paper provides further insight into the implications of the changes and ways for your organization to adapt to a new digital environment.

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