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  • Increase share of search
  • Attract new target groups and increase traffic to site
  • Increase ROAS and conversion rate on paid social campaigns
  • Implement a strategy that meets both long and short-term objectives
  • Implement specific strategies for market expansion


Conversion value Meta
Conversion rate


  • Implementing a full funnel strategy to strategically and tactically approach our predefined KPIs while consistently discovering and engaging new target groups. Creating data-based content while strengthening the brand with more cohesive content and sales-specific designs.
  • Continuously analyzing data to identify trends and make data-driven decisions for market-specific strategies, encompassing both performance and content. This is essential for a successful paid social advertising strategy.
  • Developing engaging, visually appealing, and relevant content that resonates with the right audience including always on, collection-specific and User Generated Content. The content strategy is focused on motivating different types of audiences, including platform-adapted content built upon data and trends.
  • Identifying synergies between the channels included in the strategy to maximize overall sales, leveraging user behavior and characteristics unique to each platform.
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