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  • Increase sales based on last-click conversions from paid social campaigns.
  • Increase ROAS and conversion rate on paid social campaigns.
  • Make Röhnisch brand more appealing towards consumers by using paid social.


Conversion rate
Average Session Duration


  • Creating a full-funnel campaign structure that benefited last click conversions from paid social, while still utilizing other aspects of paid social, such as creating a positive feeling for the brand that would increase organic and paid search growth.
  • Continuously challenging and testing strategies to improve performance. Including optimizing budgets, audiences, creatives and targeting in order for the accounts to acquire as great ROAS and low CPA as possible.
  • Working with a wide range of content types, including Branded Content and User Generated Content. Both branded and user-generated content works as social proof, influencing other potential customers to take action and boost engagement. User-generated content creates authenticity and credibility, which can be more compelling to potential customers.
  • Setting up a unique strategy for Q4.
    Q4 offers a prime chance to boost sales, raise brand visibility, and connect with consumers during a peak spending period. Hence, setting up a unique strategy is crucial.
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