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It’s easy to see other businesses’ ads and find their content today. But have you ever wondered if your results from Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok match up?

We help your customer through the entire purchasing process, from initial contact to conversion and follow-up. We ensure that your marketing via Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp is profitable 365 days a year, regardless of where the purchase occurs. Based on data, we create content that attracts your particular target group.

Target groups, placements and content are optimised on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the best possible ROI. Everything we do is aimed at creating effective direct marketing that utilises all of Facebook’s and Instagram’s functions in the best possible way.

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About us

Josef Raasch

Country Lead Germany

Sina Schmiester

Business Developer

Ingager is a fast-growing digital communications agency focused on the Meta platform and TikTok. We combine data-driven advertising with great content.

Insights from advertising make it possible to optimize each step of the process, from content and advertising to conversion. We create great profitable marketing with an expert team of more than 80 people, proprietary technology, delivery from Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Oslo, and experience from most industries.