IngagerSports offers a solution for athletes, clubs and leagues to increase engagement, frequency and revenue from social media.

In the dynamic world of athletics, staying connected with your fan base and maximizing your online presence is crucial.

IngagerSports offers a unique service specifically tailored for athletes, clubs and leagues addressing not only fan engagement but also the rigorous demands of sponsors, competitions, and organizations.

Our service empowers athletes, clubs and leagues to significantly enhance their engagement, increase the frequency of their updates, and, most importantly, boost their revenue through social media and other online channels.

Strategic Planning & Personalization

IngagerSports specializes in crafting tailored social media and marketing strategies for athletes, clubs, and leagues. Our primary focus is on fostering follower growth, expanding reach, and enhancing engagement to boost revenue from digital channels. This involves careful planning and customization to ensure that each clients distinct brand and objectives are effectively portrayed in their online endeavors.

Production, Adoption & Automation

By producing and supporting athletes, clubs and leagues with continuous content production, Ingager Sports ensures that their brand and personality remain consistent and engaging across various platforms. Our team designs and implements content plans, including the creation of templates and evergreen content.

Additionally, IngagerSports creates content that builds clubs’ and organizations’ databases of fans. We generate personalized outbound marketing to strengthen connections with fans, increase sales, and foster growth.

Digital Brand Collaborations

Ingager Sports excels in negotiating and creating unique digital collaboration opportunities with well-established brands. By identifying and aligning compatible brand partnerships, we maximize athletes’ exposure and brand value while offering valuable and relevant content to their followers.

Furthermore, we actively engage in the valuation and pricing of clubs’ digital assets, ensuring a strategic approach to their worth. Additionally, we measure the impact of sponsors’ investments, providing comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of their partnerships.


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  • Established in Stockholm in 2011, Ingager has unparalleled experience in fostering growth through digital marketing.
  • We know what works in practice, and thus which strategies that truly have business impact. We have full inhouse production.
  • We can support you all the way, from strategy formulation to execution and ongoing. Powered by AI.
  • We are always close to the end-customer, enabling excellent customer insight. Propriety technology will help you grow.
  • We are a trusted business partner to some of the world´s leading brands, and partner with Meta, TikTok & Google.


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Join a growing number of athletes who are transforming their social media into a powerful tool for engagement, revenue generation and fulfilling sponsorship and league requirements.

With IngagerSports, you’re not just staying connected with your fans; you are building a stronger, more profitable personal brand, all while reducing the stress on you and your team.

Let’s redefine the way you interact with the world.

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