The stats Snapchat didn't want to share – What's new?

News you want to use week 3.

Snapchat is still a popular chatservice but according to newly leaked data is the company in need of revenue, Most people ignore marquee features inside of Snapchat and use the app primarily for chatting and exchanging photos with friends, according to leaked internal metrics published today by The Daily Beast. Snap Maps, a prominent new feature in the app that lets you share your location with friends and view their Bitmoji on a map, had more than 30 million daily users at its launch in June. Usage tends to spike on Saturdays, suggesting that people are using the feature as Snap intended: to see what’s happening around them and meet up with friends during their free time. But usage of the maps declined to 19 million users in September, according to The Daily Beast, or about 11 percent of Snap’s 178 million daily users. That could be one reason Snap plans to make maps more prominent in its redesign, highlighting items from the map in the new Discover section.

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