Social Media: 7 free tools for better visibility

For many companies, at the height of the Corona crisis, social media channels were the only way to stay in touch with customers and fans. Accordingly, the usage figures on Facebook, Instagram and Co. have risen sharply in the last two months. However, given the large amount of content of brands communicating via the corresponding platforms, it is becoming all the more difficult to distinguish oneself decisively from the content of competitors. We present seven free tools with which exactly this can be achieved. 

Identify hypes early with Google Trends or Glimpse
If you want to win the competition for user attention in social networks these days, you have to do one thing above all: listen carefully. In order to address relevant topics and strike the right note, it is crucial to understand what the target group is up to and what moves them.

Two tools make effective social listening possible: Google Trends as a traditional variant and Glimpse as a “newcomer tool”. Both solutions enable detailed analyses of which user groups are interested in which topics in which regions. The benefits are obvious: Marketing managers and social media managers can identify possible hypes early on and prepare appropriate content strategies

The competition in view with AdSpy
Even though the cooperation of brands is highly valued by the public in the face of the tense global situation, it is crucial for economic success to keep an eye on the competition. This is especially true for their communication in the advertising environment – to jump on topics or counter certain messages with a wink.

A still relatively unknown but very effective tool is AdSpy. With the Ad Intelligence Tool, social media ads can be researched thematically on the basis of numerous filter functions and data analysed accordingly. More than 87 million ads from over 200 countries, in 88 different languages – in view of the sheer volume of advertising messages, helpful insights are almost guaranteed.

Strong visual language with Unsplash
If you want to keep your followers happy and promote the growth of your community, you cannot avoid using an authentic and at the same time professional visual language. The challenge: there is not always suitable material available for every topic. Often there is also a lack of inspiration to visualize content in an atmospheric way.

If you want to use external images, you should try Unsplash. This is a huge database of professional photos, which are provided voluntarily and free of charge by the authors. A keyword search makes it possible to specify the selection. A small tip: Even though all photos can be used without restriction, photographers are happy to be named when using their photos.

Impressive 3D effects with Dazz
Whether Snapchat or Instagram: Although we know both platforms today primarily as social networks with countless features – in their respective original form, both applications became known primarily because they could be used to individualize image recordings with a selection of filters to create mood and humor. Comparable tools with a similar DNA still slumber in the App Store today.

One tool that can be used to transform your own into spectacular 3D shots is Dazz. The smartphone app is currently very popular with users and brands alike and even took first place in the App Store in terms of downloads at the end of January. In addition to being a cost-effective tool for characteristic content, Dazz’s popularity automatically ensures that the app is recognized by users.

Greater security with two-factor authentication
The last few weeks have shown When the crisis hits unexpectedly, many a company loses its bearings. In turbulent times, overcoming acute problems understandably has priority – but elementary issues such as digital security often fall by the wayside. For hackers, on the other hand, this is just what they are looking for.

Fortunately, some social networks offer the possibility of protecting business accounts from intruders by adding additional security. Facebook, for example, uses its two-factor authentication of Facebook to detect whether a suspect is trying to gain unauthorised access to an account. It’s very easy to set up: simply activate double authentication in the Ad Manager under “Security and Login”.

Detailed tracking with Bitly
Finally, a real insider tip. Not the tool as such, but the variety of its functions, of which only those who have at least been aware so far may have been aware. It’s about Bitly, an online tool that is mainly used when very long web addresses need to be shortened – for example, in order not to exceed the maximum number of characters of a social media post.

That’s right, Bitly is a link shortener that allows long URLs to be displayed much more compactly. But in addition, the links also allow detailed tracking of the corresponding traffic generated via them. Who clicked on which link when and where? Bitly knows the answer. Would you have known?

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