Is Social Media The New Google?

Yeah, you’ve heard it before. Not least from us. Social media is becoming a search engine. Forbes’ new report agrees. They’ve surveyed how Americans use the web. Here are the key takeaways:

  • There is a decline of 25%, on average, in using Google for search between Generation Z and Generation X

  • Generation Z use TikTok over Google to search for a variety of topics

  • While 84% of the population still turn to search engines for brand name searches, there is a 30% decline in using search engines for this purpose between Baby Boomers (94%) and Generation Z (64%) in 2024

  • A quarter (24%) of people said they find new brands on social media daily

The numbers are clear, social media is a search engine nowadays. But what do we, as marketers, need to do? First of all, search for your brand on social media and see what pops up and then make sure to incorporate a solid search strategy in your overall social media marketing strategy.

Read the full report here

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