11 November, 2017, was a historic day, clearly showing how the Internet, commerce, and entertainment have increasingly grown together. 11 November was Singles’ Day, a Chinese event mainly involving shopping and particularly shopping through various digital platforms. In 24 hours, consumers spent a whopping $25 billion on different products and services. More than 140,000 different e-tailers were given the opportunity to increase their profit for the year.   

The fact that the Chinese company, Alibaba, managed to sell over 812 million different orders was the result of excellent planning and flexible conversion solutions with the customer in focus. Planning and customer focus are essential for companies that want to succeed during Black Friday 2018 as well. 23 November and the days around it may seem far away, but it’s important to start the work right now to ensure that customers buy from you rather than from others.

During Black Friday 2017, Swedish sales rose by 20% compared to the year before, and given that Swedes shop online more and more, we can expect 2018 to be a new record year for Black Friday. The increased consumer interest has opened the eyes of e-tailers and today, competition to attract consumers to their website is fierce. An increased demand for ad slots leads to higher advertising prices, which is why it’s becoming more important than ever to have a really good message and the knowledge to follow the consumer throughout the buying journey.

Facebook and Instagram are two channels where user interest in Black Friday is evident.

  • In 2017, the number of interactions linked to Black Friday increased by 251% compared to the previous year, to a total of 226 million interactions.
  • Instagram saw a slightly higher increase, 276%, and a total of 143 million interactions involved Black Friday.

When consumer interest in Black Friday increases, retailer market investments follow suit. In 2017, we noted a number of Nordic e-tailers spend large budgets to reach their customers on Facebook and Instagram throughout Black Friday Week. Black Friday 2018 will probably offer more opportunities for sales, but at the same time, competition for user attention is increasing, which makes it necessary to start preparing now.   

To increase your chances of successful sales during Black Friday 2018, we’ve put together a number of tips we believe can help you along the way. 

Focus on the entire week

Black Friday has evolved into an entire week of discounts and promotions. Don’t just focus on the Friday; rather, use the whole week to create sales and to gather data that can lead to sales later during the week. Long-term investments lead to better results.

Create a plan for your posts

To create good posts, you need a clear purpose with each post that leads to the final goal. One post won’t do it; you need to have a clear plan for each day and be able to aim posts at different audiences throughout the day.

The customer journey is central

During the week, countless people will be able to see your brand’s promotions. Make the most of that opportunity and plan for different types of customer journeys with content to match. By utilising the data available, you can create a customer journey that feels natural, smooth, and leads to sales.

Use the tools provided by the Facebook platform

As advertising budgets increase and the battle for user attention escalates, it becomes increasingly important to utilise the tools available on the Facebook platform. Taking advantage of the full potential of Facebook and Instagram increases the chances of your business reaching its goals.

Create a story

Since there will be a jungle of different offers reaching Swedish consumers during Black Friday Week, it’s important to communicate more than just prices and products. Develop a message that makes users stay, wanting to hear your message.

Test something new

Live broadcasts, stories, or other new formats can be a winning concept. By daring to try new solutions, you increase your chances of finding new customers and regaining the interest of old ones.

Start your work in time

Autumn is fast approaching and to be a winner during Black Friday Week, we recommend that you start planning today. Optimising your chances of increasing sales during the end of November requires hard work, an appropriate budget, and good planning.

Black Friday Week 2018 will largely be decided on social media, and Facebook as well as Instagram are channels absolutely necessary to include in the media mix. Even though sales on the Swedish market will be less than the $25 billion sales during Singles’ Day, we can count on a new sales record. It’s essential to get started right away in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered during Black Friday Week.

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