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The Plant Box
Story and Scope

Founded with a vision of green and colorful cities, The Plant Box has been on the path of making the common balcony a sanctuary for humans as well as natural flora and insects. The Plant Box considers urbanity a great challenge to nature, and dream of green and colorful cities and would like to give balconies more impact and meaning again. Living a city life should not exclude the possibility of surrounding yourself with greenery.

With the goal of increasing conversion as well as brand awareness, The Plant Box teamed up with the digital marketing specialist agency Ingager in February of 2021, and together they set up objectives for the collaboration moving forward.


  • Generating sales for their online shop through conversion based campaigns on the Facebook platform.
  • Establish a strong online presence.
  • Establish brand awareness.

The main objective for the collaboration was to increase the number of sales. To ensure the success of all the set goals, Ingager assisted with implementing Facebook’s standard events, value tracking as well as testing these conversion events.

Then the strategy for The Plant Box was to find the right style of ads and tone of voice with testing different styles and formats.

Because there wasn’t any existing data from previous campaigns, new data had to be collected. This was done by setting up an ecommerce conversion funnel. Initially this entailed:

  • Top funnel: New audiences based on insights and interests

After scaling up the budget:

  • Middle funnel: content engagers, video viewers, likes, followers
  • Bottom funnel: website actions

Two months into the collaboration, The Plant Box was convinced by the results but also realized that they needed more digital assets and thumb stopping content. Ingager proposed a video production to create videos specifically for paid social campaigns, and delivered four videos in total, each fitting for a different audience and purpose.

The produced content led to more engagement and conversions, a larger audience to target in the mid and bottom funnel and an increase in ad spend which allowed Ingager to scale up the campaigns.


Ingager took over the paid social media of The Plant Box in February 2020. Conversion campaigns for different funnels were set up with an aim to generate sales more efficiently.

The collaboration between Ingager and The Plant Box has lead to significantly more purchases, increased their online presence and brand awareness which in turn, allowed Ingager to scale up the activities to other online platforms as well.

  • Increased sales on Facebook
  • Increased the online presence and brand awareness
  • Exploring and scaling up to other online platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest
+695%Ad Spend
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