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Many e-retailers get stuck in a mindset where they use Facebook and Instagram marketing the same way as they use Google Ads. The e-retailers are looking for a simple solution to the challenge of selling via Facebook. It often ends in heavily-optimized – but well-functioning – retargeting campaigns.

The e-commerces then miss the excellent opportunity that the Facebook platform offers when it comes to building relationships, inspiring existing customers to buy more, and driving sales to entirely new customers. The world’s largest media channel, with enormous opportunities for creative and profitable marketing opportunities, is limited to a retargeting platform. There is more to do!

Outnorth has chosen a different path and is investing in sales-driven and inspirational content, which leads potential customers to stay in the sales funnel. Ingager produces and optimizes content tailored to all the opportunities and formats currently used and appreciated by the consumers, from initial contact to potential purchase. Outnorth’s content covers the entire funnel, regardless of where the potential customer is in the buying process.


Outnorth and Ingager, in close collaboration, take advantage of the platform’s technical capabilities, creative possibilities, and test tools to find the optimal solution to drive sales.

As an example, to assist a potential customer in the buying process, Ingager has developed gift guides on landing pages in the Facebook environment. This feature has been helpful during sales-strong holidays – for inspirational, engaging, and converting purposes.
Tests are performed continually to learn which details of the content benefit the result. In this way, the content is continually evolving, depending on what is working right now.
During the journey, the focus has been on understanding all data and finding an optimal attribution solution. This process is facilitated with Facebook Attribution – a new tool to analyze the impact of different channels on total sales revenue, and thereby depart from the classic “last click” thinking.


The investment in unique content for Facebook and Instagram has made Outnorth a brand with a high presence on the platform – and with great interest from the target group. The investment drives sales in large volumes. Since the collaboration with Ingager began in spring 2017, the number of purchases per month on average has increased, and at the same time, the cost per acquisition has reduced.

Outnorth makes profitable advertising – with content perfectly tailored for Facebook and Instagram – which is also strongly brand-building.

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