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The concept of Jule-Sweaters is very simple: to make Christmas even cozier than it already is, by offering fun, cozy, and festive Christmas sweaters. In 2016, Jule-Sweaters was established by two Christmas-loving Danes – today (2022) Jule-Sweaters is available in 9 European countries – and they aim to be the go-to shop for Christmas apparel in Europe. Due to the seasonal usability of the products, Jule-Sweaters focus its advertisement on a limited time period from September to December.

With a goal of increasing conversions as well as brand awareness across Europe, Jule-Sweaters teamed up with the digital marketing specialist agency Ingager in August of 2021, and together they set up objectives for the collaboration moving forward.


  • Generating sales for their online shop through conversion based campaigns on the Meta platforms
  • Establish a strong online presence + expand to more platforms e.g. Snapchat and TikTok
  • Establish brand awareness across Europe

At first, while waiting for the Christmas season to truly start, the main objective for the collaboration was to increase brand awareness across Europe through competitions and newsletter sign-ups. To ensure the success of the set objectives, Ingager assisted in implementing Meta events, value tracking and integration of lead forms.

To succeed, a strong content strategy would be necessary. Ingager consulted Jule-Sweaters on best practices as well as concrete ad ideas. After a large pool of content had been produced, Ingager edited the final content to fit social media and ran tests to find the best performing content depending on the specific level of the funnel.

Based on data from the previous year, an e-commerce conversion funnel was set-up. Initially this entailed:

  • Top funnel: New audiences based on insights and interests
  • Mid funnel: content engagers, video viewers, likes, followers
  • Lower funnel: website actions

About a month into the collaboration, Christmas season commenced, and increasing the purchase volume became the main objective. This meant, steadily rising ad spend and adding new ads on an on-going basis to continuously increase engagement and conversions while maintaining a sustainable CPA and ROAS.

The large pool of custom-produced content meant a frequent exchange in ad creatives. This strong content strategy led to more engagement and conversions, and a larger audience to target in the mid and lower funnel. In the end, all of this summed up to an increase in ad spend which allowed Ingager to scale up the campaigns.

Jule-Sweaters was convinced by the results on Facebook and Instagram, and decided to expand their paid social activities to include SnapChat and TikTok. Here, Ingager assisted in setting up the new platforms,  repurposing current content to fit the platforms and consulting on use of the platforms.



During the active period, Jule-Sweaters was active on 3 platforms; Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Snapchat and TikTok.

Meta was the main platform used through the full period and where the absolute majority of ad spend was used and where most sales and leads were generated.

Snapchat was added around mid-season and achieved a great amount of sales, but also clicks at half the price of Meta (2 kr vs 4 kr) and cheaper CPM prices too (35 vs 65 kr).

Towards the end, TikTok was added to the mix as a upper funnel, experimenting platform with the goal of achieving reach and impressions. TikTok showed the cheapest CPM (14 kr) of all the platforms as well as cheap clicks (2,70 kr).


Ingager took over the paid social activities of Jule-Sweaters during September-December 2021. Conversion campaigns for different funnels were set up with an aim to generate sales more efficiently – as well as expand to new markets and platforms.

The collaboration between Ingager and Jule-Sweaters has lead to a significant rise in brand awareness and increased their online presence. The collaboration meant a noticeable increase in ad spend as well as sales.

  • Increased sales on Meta platforms
  • Increased online presence and brand awareness
  • Expanded to two new online platforms; SnapChat & TikTok
  • A happy client, who is ready to return and increase their advertisement efforts next season.
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