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Prior to the 2019 golf season, Dormy and Ingager started a collaboration with the goal of increasing sales, both online and in-store. The collaboration has also aimed to scale up from the Swedish market, in a profitable way, to also generate sales in Norway, Denmark and Finland – from Facebook and Instagram.

Method and audience

Dormy is a well-known brand among Sweden’s 460,000 golfers. The company has a strong and loyal customer base. Ingager started the collaboration with an analysis of active and potential customers, based on Dormy’s customer database, Facebook data and Ingager’s experience.

Based on the analysis, and where exactly in the Nordic countries potential customers were located, an initial target group was created. With content that is really “thumb-stopping”, visitor traffic to Dormy’s site was built up.

To generate sales, potential customers then received a sequence of messages about Dormy’s brand and offers. At the same time, the target group was being continuously expanded and the content developed, based on Facebook sales data.

Content is tailored to the different ad formats. It should utilize the full potential of the platform and the user’s entire screen surface, to avoid compromises that drag down the result. Great focus has been placed on the use of video that catches the attention of golfers in search of new equipment and inspiration.

The collaboration takes place in the long term, and with full transparency between Ingager and Dormy.


  • Increase the number of paying customers.
  • Increase profitability from Facebook and Instagram advertising.
  • Expand marketing to Norway, Denmark and Finland.
  • Define target groups in Norway, Denmark and Finland.
  • Create sales at Dormy’s outlet in Ängelholm, Sweden.
  • Recruit followers to the Facebook page.


Close cooperation between Ingager and Dormy, with full focus on meeting the targets relatively quickly, has produced good results. Sales from the Facebook platform have been strong, both online and in the outlet store. Thanks to Facebook Offline Conversion tracking, the campaigns have not only been optimized based on the effect on the site, but also on actual sales in the physical store.

8%Cost Per Order (of order value)

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