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LRF Media

Do you want to create a new sales channel or have you already tested Facebook advertising without success? Read this case study to find out what Ingager and LRF Media did to make it happen!

This is how LRF Media sold 19,000 subscriptions on Facebook

LRF Media’s magazines are interesting, entertaining and educational. In most cases they are also specialised and tailored to a specific target group. Speciality magazines are a growing trend but they are also more difficult to market. A fewer number of people are highly interested in each separate publication. These are the people that LRF Media wants to reach. This is why LRF Media has boosted its presence and by using direct marketing campaigns for each individual magazine, sold subscriptions on Facebook.

Using each magazine’s Facebook page, ads have been aimed at specific target groups. By creating twin control groups based on existing subscribers for each magazine, the target groups to whom the ads have been shown have been highly relevant. An ad for a speciality magazine which is shown to someone who is not interested in the subject is totally irrelevant and is considered basically as spam. However, the ads that are carefully targeted, as in this case, are perceived more as content. Content which is commented on, liked and shared which also triggers a viral effect from the direct promotional campaign. In contrast to most of the “experts’” recommendations and trend tracking, Ingager has also proven that F commerce works for driving volume sales. The entire purchase can be made on landing pages positioned on Facebook, on each magazine’s page.


LRF Media has taken a digital jump in 2013 and much of that success has been derived from Facebook. While the editors of all the magazines have been trained to improve their publication’s Facebook pages, direct marketing campaigns have been launched to attract new subscribers.

  • Magazine subscriptions are a low-cost product and the greatest challenge is to ensure that the campaigns pay for themselves
  • The industry depends on, and customers are spoiled with, expensive premiums which are given away
  • Each magazine has aimed to sell as many subscriptions as possible through Facebook. However, every new customer has to be a profitable customer
  • Facebook is used to a large degree on smartphones
  • The maximum cost per transaction may depend on the cost of each magazine’s promotional offer
  • The combination of offering subscriptions at an attractive price, attracting new customers that pay for themselves and delivering a large number of subscribers is a challenge


The aim of the campaign, and the intention of LRF Media, was that Facebook would serve as a continuous channel which, week after week, supplies new subscribers in volume with a positive ROI.

  • Twin control groups based on existing subscribers were created to make advertising as relevant as possible for each recipient of the message
  • In order to keep track of the entire flow, landing pages for the campaigns were positioned on each magazine’s Facebook page. A general misconception among social media consultants is that F commerce does not work. Through its campaigns, Ingager has proven that it is possible to sell on Facebook and sell in large volumes too
  • The campaigns were optimised on a daily basis based on the results from the previous day. There is a small margin between success and failure. For this reason, especially precise checks of costs and revenues are necessary
  • The number of users on Facebook who surf using their mobiles is enormous and growing. As a result, two versions of all parts of the campaigns were created; a desktop version and a mobile version in order to boost the degree of conversion.
  • The campaigns basically took advantage of all of Facebook’s advertising opportunities


A campaign for 20 magazines which continues for 365 days with almost 200 million views naturally must have many messages so as not to wear out/bore the target groups. The most creative aspect in this case though was its daring simplicity. Since the ads did not contain anything that might disrupt the road to conversion and disrupt each message recipient, they were perceived more as information.

  • To ensure that the campaigns would attract as much attention as possible while also remaining relevant for the strictly specialised target groups, the message was updated on a continuous basis to suit the season, trends and peak traffic times
  • Pictures, texts and colours in the ads were updated for each new magazine edition to make sure it was tailored for the current season
  • The prices were almost always communicated right in the ads to serve as a gate keeper. If the price is not right for the consumer reading the ad, then he or she will not click on it
  • The landing pages were updated in the same way as described above in order to always convey the same message as in the Instagram ads


In total, Ingager created more than 19,000 new subscribers for LRF Media during 2013 from the Facebook campaigns alone. They did this at an investment which was 35.1% below the desired customer acquisition cost. The campaign has been shown 200 million times in total to each respective target group which has generated a brand-building effect and created 593,000 interactions from the target groups in the form of comments, likes and shares.

LRF Media

Ingager and LRF Media has been working together since 2013. Every day, all year round, Ingager sells subscriptions for LRF Media at a cost which thus far has been 35% lower than projected.

  • 200 million advertising views
  • 593,000 interactions
  • 13% conversion rate
  • 19,000 new subscribers

“Ingager is professional, the staff is pleasant and they helped us at LRF Media conduct profitable business on Facebook.”

Monika Robertsson
Head of Digital Marketing, LRF Media

Canal Digital

Through Canal Digital Ingager has demonstrated that it is possible to sell to men and it is possible to sell products of a huge order value on Facebook. Read how we accomplished this!

This is how Canal Digital launched a new sales channel on Facebook

Canal Digital sells parabolic antenna packages including a digital box, installation and a subscription for television channels. The product is a typical discretionary item and the cost to the consumer is a few hundred dollars. At the same time, Canal Digital does not want existing customers to be exposed to the campaign offer. 

In order to make the marketing even a little more challenging, the package can only be purchased by consumers who are able to install a parabolic antenna, in other words house owners.


  • A parabolic antenna package with a digital box, installation and recurring subscription for TV channels costs about $750 and up which makes it a fairly substantial investment for the consumer
  • Existing customers shall not be offered the promotion
  • The package can only be purchased by consumers who are able to install a parabolic antenna which means mainly house owners and similar


  • Ingager creates and publicises promotional ads on a continuous basis
  • The promotion is optimised regularly to ensure that costs and the number of completed transactions/sales are maintained at the desired level
  • Using a database of people who own their own homes and customers, twin control groups are formed at whom the ads will be aimed for maximum relevance
  • Existing customers are excluded from the target group to prevent them from being exposed to the promotion
  • Retargeting is used to be able to constantly build a new database for forming
    twin control groups


  • The cost per transaction was 31 percent lower than the projected (desired) cost
  • The promotion produced seven times the return in sales
  • 14 million ad impressions also built awareness of the brand within the target groups

Canal Digital

Ingager and Canal Digital have been working together since early 2014. Every day, all year round, Ingager sells the parabolic antenna package for Canal Digital at the desired cost per transaction.

  • A 7 time return on investment in sales
  • Cost per transaction 31% lower than projected
  • The goal for the number of transactions exceeded

Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret has had a Facebook presence for many years but still has not created a presence on Instagram. The kickoff campaign was designed to offer the first 5,000 followers who reached the store first a striped children’s knitted hat.

Flying start on Instagram

Ingager started the promotion by providing a clearly-worded manual for all 67 stores describing how to create Instagram accounts for customers who were not active users. This was all done to ensure a positive customer experience.

The promotion was communicated through in-house channels such as the Internet, email and the physical stores and it encouraged people to follow Polarn O. Pyret. As the added bonus, more than 5,000 new followers who made their way to stores received a free children’s knitted hat. The only condition was that the customers had to upload a photo of the hat and tag Polarn O. Pyret’s new Instagram account.

“This way Polarn O. Pyret achieved valuable viral distribution,” said Ingager’s Amalia Thoors who worked on the project.

“It was important to train staff so that they could assist the customers,” said Jimmy Jakobsson at Ingagers. “We know from experience that questions will arise among people who are not accustomed to using Instagram and we wanted to eliminate any technical hurdles. At the same time, we did not want any user to miss out on spreading the message. This way, we were able to get about 10,000 shares of the message,” continued Jimmy.

“Since we used a product that was aimed directly at the target group, the followers we got were relevant,” continued Jakobsson. “Had we used a more generic product we would not have been as successful. The followers continue to be engaged in what Polarn O. Pyret shares on Instagram,” said Jimmy.

The hats ran out fairly quickly but the “like” group has continued to grow. In the space of 24 hours, Polarn O. Pyret received 15,000 new followers and at the time of this writing they have reached 20,000.

“Facebook is designed more to create engagement and then drive traffic to the site to make a purchase while Instagram has another logic altogether,” said Jakobsson.
An Instagram presence involves avoiding the use of studio pictures of products wherever possible and instead inducing people to upload pictures taken in the moment and of activities carried out in actual settings, as well as photos from store staff.

Visit Polarn O. Pyret on Instagram

Polarn O. Pyret

Ingager and Polarn O. Pyret launched their collaboration in Sweden in the spring of 2013. Today the work has expanded to also include Norway and the Netherlands as well as Brothers in Sweden.

  • 15,000 followers in 24 hours
  • 5,000 in-store visits
  • 67 stores trained

“We realised at an early stage that Polarn O. Pyret had enormous potential on Facebook. Ingager has helped us to realise our ideas, draw up a strategy, plan our promotional campaigns, measure our ROI and ensure that our brand has a Facebook presence of the highest quality.”

Åsa Bergendorf Olsson
International Marketing and PR Manager.