TikTok: the fastest growing social media phenomenon of the 20’s

Go back, let’s say 4-5 years from today. Very few would then think that a Chinese-owed app showing short-videos of people dancing would challenge the big digital platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. But this is exactly what TikTok has managed to do by entering the market for digital marketing.

TikTok is a rare example of a new platform that manages to truly become a big player in the already crowded scene of digital platforms for marketing. What is also remarkable is the speed at which TikTok has penetrated the market. The video-sharing app is the social media app that has been fastest to reach one billion users which happened in late September 2021.

Getting started early provides several advantages, you get a head start on your learning curve compared to your competitors and ad prices are still very moderate. Ok, so let’s start to better understand TikTok advertising – this white paper provides insights for a great start.

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