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The client’s objective was to enhance Disaronno’s brand awareness in the Swedish market. A key requirement was to develop a creative concept that resonated emotionally with the target audience while also establishing a connection with the local market.


Drawing inspiration from the Italian Renaissance and renowned artists like Michelangelo, Ingager crafted a campaign centered around art and design. The concept involved the Swedish creator and influencer Elsa Ekman interpreting the Disaronno bottle. Instead of following the conventional approach of embracing Italian style entirely, we ingeniously brought a slice of Italy to Sweden. The campaign aimed to convey the message that one can experience La Dolce Vita no matter where they are.


To tie the knot of the campaign, Elsa Ekman hosted an event, inviting customers and friends. This celebration served as a platform to showcase the collaboration and the artwork.

This approach allowed us to explore a fresh creative territory and customize the product on a personal level, enhancing its uniqueness.

Off trade result + 22%


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