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7 out of 10 digital transformation projects fail. How to avoid that.

digitala projekt

Only 30% of digital transformation projects met or exceeded their target value, according to a report from Boston Consulting Group. Forbes, McKinsey and others report numbers much like this. Add it up and digital transformation efforts, which are critical during the COVID-19 pandemic and new normal, need some work. BCG said it its report that more than 80% of companies plan to accelerate digital transformation efforts.

Question the arise, how to avoid failing projects?

Success factors include:

  • A strategy with clear goals and business outcomes with the why, what and how.
  • Commitment from the CEO to middle management for accountability. BCG noted that middle managers are often overlooked.
  • Deploying high-caliber talent and freeing up resources.
  • Address roadblocks quickly and adapt to contexts and missions.
  • Monitor progress toward outcomes with clear metrics and targets around processes.
  • A business led modular technology and data platform.

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