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Sweden’s strongest and most well known bear was turning 50 and it was time to celebrate. Ingager was tasked with creating the concept, producing all the material and running the campaign on Meta & YouTube.


We decided to use nostalgia as the vehicle to tell the story. Almost nothing remains from 50 years ago, but Bamse does. The magazine has been a constant on bedside tables. The goal was to increase awareness of the celebration and to increase consideration for the magazine. As a bonus we exceeded the sales targets.




Q1 2022 VS Q1 2023


For the creative strategy we honed in on nostalgia. We’re living in uncertain times with economic turmoil. Research shows that people turn to nostalgia when times are tough. Bamse has been around for 50 years, this made nostalgia the perfect vehicle to transport the audience back in time and to remind them of a lifetime of memories with Bamse.

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